Buylist F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you do shipping/accept mail-in buylists?

Currently we are only accepting in store buylists. Shipping is now available for Canada and the USA. Options available are standard shipping or tracked. Purchases over 50$ must be tracked shipping.

2. Should I submit a buylist or come straight to the store?

If you plan to bring in 10+ cards please submit a buylist. Any less and we should be able to quickly look through them without a submission. 

3. How long does the grading process take?

The grading process will change depending on how busy we are. Generally it should take less than 72 hours. 

4. Can I change my mind after the buylist has been finalized?

Once the buylist has been finalized it will have been sorted into our live inventory. We would not be able to tell which cards are yours at that point.

5. Which TCG singles are you currently accepting?

We are currently only doing Magic the Gathering singles.

6. Can I get credit in OOTB points or only on the TCG site?

When you come in mention to us which site you would prefer to have your points in. We have our TCG site for singles as well as a separate website for all our other products. If you would like the credit swapped to points or vice versa give us a call during normal business hours at (613) 695-6682 or e-mail us at sales@outoftheboxcards.com. 

Selling Singles

1 - To begin a buylist to sell your singles you must be Logged in

2 - At the top of the main page click the "Buylist" button, then select which game you are selling cards from.

3 - Use the search to find the cards you want to sell and add the quantities using the "SELL" tab. Make sure to pick whether you want cash or store credit via the drop down menu.

4 - Please sort the cards in the SAME ORDER as shown in the cart. There may be a delay in processing the buylist if you bring it in out of order.

5 - Once you finish adding and sorting all your cards in the buylist, click "Submist List."

Once you bring in the buylist, if you're looking for credit, make sure to mention if you prefer to have it on our TCG Singles site or the product site in OOTB points. 

Decklist Search

Looking to for cards to finish up your decklist or just you have a deck you are looking to build? Try out our Decklist search tab.

Option 1 - Type out the list of cards you need starting with the amount required and the card name.


2 Liliana, Waker of the Dead

4 Thoughtseize

Option 2 - Don't want to type out an entire decklist manually that you found online? Go to the site you found it such as Aetherhub or MTG Goldfish and export the decklist as a formatted text list. Copy and paste the list into the Decklist search tab. 

After you are done, hit "Submit Deck List" and all the cards you are looking for that we have in stock will come up. From there you can view the prices and sets they come from and mix and match what you prefer.