Buylist Grading

Buylist Grading

We have 5 levels of grading for our cards. Primarily we only accept Near Mint/Lightly Played cards for buylists.

NM = Near Mint

 Cards graded at NM/Near Mint generally have minimal to no wear from general use. Foils have little to no scuffing or clouding on the front. Sleeves are not required for tournament play in a deck of other NM cards.

LP = Lightly Played

 Cards graded at LP/Lightly Played have minor wear such as mild border wear, corner wear, minor scratches and scuffing on the front. Foils have some scuffing or clouding on the front. Sleeves may be needed for tournament play.

MP= Moderately Played

 Cards graded at MP/Moderately Played have moderate wear on them. They can have shuffle creasing, moderate wear on borders and corners, some whitening on the front or back of the card, lots of heavy scratches, minor damage or hairline creasing. Sleeves are required for tournament play.

HP = Heavily Played

 Cards graded at HP/Heavily Played have heavy wear on them and can include discoloration or card bend. Not tournament legal.


 Cards graded Damaged can have ripped pieces and extreme damage. Not tournament legal.